Since the first of July of 2009 there's a new legislation concerning the tremcards. The new tremcards have strict demands of the usage of colour, the appearance and the dimensions of the cards.

We can offer you the new tremcards for a price of 2,0 € per card and is available in 21 languages.

We can offer you a lasting solution for a prolonged use of the tremcards, by plastification. Increase of price/card: 2,50 €.

Also available

  • Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form: 0,40 €
  • Appendix Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form: 0,40 €

On your request, we can personalize your DGD's without extra cost.


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  • Delivery by mail or by Taxipost/EMS, depending on your order.
  • All our prices are without taxes (VAT).
  • Expenses of administration: 15,00 € per order.