General information


The European Safety Institute offers you 24h/24 a professional service in the field of transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods. ESI provides a total service which includes:

  • A 24h/24 hotline
  • The drawing up of documents
  • The issue of transport emergency cards in different languages
  • The issue of material safety data sheets
  • Advice and coordination at incidents and accidents
  • Independent audits
  • Training


The following courses on the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR) are recognized by the European Community.

  • Basic training
  • Tank training
  • Refresher training

Education social safety: Fire brigade

  • Fire watch
  • Safety Guard
  • Radio communication
  • Rescue and working in confined spaces
  • Working with filter masks
  • Working with breathing- and compressed air
  • Working in pressurised suits
  • Working in a gas suit
  • Working with UHD
  • Rescuing traffic victims
  • Car in the water
  • Immersion of vehicles
  • Maintenance and safe inspection of intervention vehicles incl. material
  • Performing emergency repairs during intervention
  • How many fire extinguishers do you place?
  • Small fire extinguishers
  • Large fire extinguishers
  • Large fire extinguishing water transport
  • Flooding
  • Intervention hazardous substances
  • Driving and working with priority vehicles
  • Sailing and working with priority vessels
  • Intervention at height
  • Intervention on and under water

Other training modules Fire Services are also available on request, please contact us for more information.

Company courses:

  • How to handle dangerous goods
  • Training of other persons than the drivers who are concerned with the transport of dangerous goods by road
  • Fire fighting principles and practical exercises
  • First aid (approved by the Ministry of Labour)

All our courses are conducted by experienced certified instructors, selected on account of their pedagogical qualities and their practical background